eLearning Scholarships 2019-2020

Three Week Courses

eLearning HUD HC Prep Course-- Apply Here 

eLearning Financial Counseling-- Apply Here

eLearning Financial Coaching-- Apply Here

eLearning Foreclosure Prevention Part A-- Apply Here

eLearning Foreclosure Prevention Part B-- Apply Here

eLearning Methods in Effective Rental Counseling-- Apply Here

eLearnng Transitioning From Foreclosure to Pre-Purchase-- Apply Here

eLearning Lending Practices-- Apply Here

eLearning Fundamentals of Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Counseling-- Apply Here

eLearning Advanced Pre-Purchase Housing Counseling-- Apply Here


eLearning Scholarships 2019-2020

One Week Courses

eLearning Pathways to Credit Empowerment--Apply Here

eLearning HCC: Financial Management--Apply Here

eLearning HCC: Housing Affordability--Apply Here

eLearning HCC: Fair Housing--Apply Here

eLearning HCC: Homeownership--Apply Here

eLearning HCC: Avoiding Foreclosure--Apply Here

eLearning HCC: Tenancy--Apply Here

*Make sure you included your HUD number on the scholarship application. 

To find out your AGENCY ID, click here

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