NHNLA-certified housing counselors and managers must demonstrate a certain level of competency and mastery of their profession to gain such status. Participants who complete the NHNLA certification program will enhance their personal skills and gain the tools necessary to empower clients.

To become certified, counselors must complete the required courses and submit an application for approval. The certifications currently offered by the NHNLA are listed below. Click on the links to view the specific requirements for obtaining each certification.

All NHNLA certifications are valid for three years and are renewable once the applicant has completed the NHNLA’s requirements for recertification.

Housing Counselor Certification

This combination of courses prepares counselors to use their knowledge to assist clients in a variety of housing situations, including pre-purchase and foreclosure. Additionally, depending on the courses selected, counselors receive training on how to work with clients seeking to secure rental housing, assist victims of natural disaster, or help those in need of temporary housing. The Housing Counselor Certification provides counselors with a holistic perspective on the many types of housing concerns that clients may face.

Advanced Housing Counselor Certification

The Advanced Housing Counselor Certification is designed for housing counselors with three or more years of experience. This selection of courses provides the foundation of knowledge required to offer comprehensive counseling and quality education in a constantly changing housing market and builds upon the counseling basics that participants have already mastered.

Foreclosure Counselor Certification 

The Foreclosure Counselor Certification allows counselors to specialize in the foreclosure process. The certification prepares counselors to navigate the range of options available for clients facing foreclosure and to work with clients to determine the appropriate solutions.

Housing Counseling Program Management Certification

Managing a housing counseling agency requires an understanding of the unique balancing act between staff structure, client volume, and funding availability to maximize production and efficiency. The Housing Counseling Program Management Certification provides strategies that housing counseling program managers can tailor to the unique characteristics of their local communities. Each community has a variety of needs that must be considered in order to ensure that clients are receiving the highest quality service to assist in their housing needs.

Financial Counseling Certification

The Financial Counseling Certification allows industry professionals to specialize in the one-on-one basic fundamentals of financial counseling to low wealth clients. The Certification provides counselors with a holistic approach on assessing a clients financial health, strategies to increasing wealth, developing a financial plan and information on savings and insurance products and tax filing. Implementation and delivery as a current program enhancement or a new stand-alone service model increases the impact on client services and the community.