Cultural Sensitivity Webinar -January 28th, 2020 (Copy)
Registration Information
January 28, 2020 | 12pm - 2pm

The NHN Learning Alliance (NHNLA) is currently registering counselors for the Cultural Sensitivity Webinar. It is a live on-line training that can be taken directly from your office. The training will take place on January 28th, 2020, 12:00 PM-2:00 PM EST. Upon confirming your registration, you will receive the log-in information for the webinar portal and downloadable materials for the course.

Priced at $150.00 you get:

  • 2 hours of instruction
  • Downloadable manual to guide counseling topic
  • Online database technology screenshots to guide data entry
  • HUD requirement integration for each topic
  • Counseling information without leaving the office

Cultural sensitivity is critical in the world of Housing Counseling. A Housing Counselor must be able to properly deal with culturally sensitive issues to gain the client’s trust and confidence.  But how is that accomplished if a Housing Counselor is unaware of avoidable mistakes in communicating with those of diverse backgrounds?  This webinar will prepare housing counselors to become more culturally sensitive to the needs of the community they are serving. Participants will gain the tools to effectively communicate with their clients and thereby reduce misunderstandings and create positive long-term relationships.

For any questions regarding registration, please send an email to

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