eLearning Housing Counseling Competency: Tenancy July 1st - July 7th, 2019
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July 1 - July 7, 2019

As the HUD Housing Counseling Certification Prep Course is a refresher on six key areas of housing counseling, Learning Alliance has created the Housing Counseling Competency Series. This 1 week online course on Responsibilities of Homeownership and Tenancy is intended for the experienced Housing counselor who may be knowledgeable in a majority of the areas of housing counseling but may need a bit more intensive review of a single topic.

The Tenancy course utilizes the same curriculum from the Cerification Prep Course, but focuses on wide-ranging collaborative tools to assist in retaining the information for this topic. Participants can expect:

  • Interactive exercises
  • Engaging curriculum
  • Group discussions
  • Self-paced, virtual environment.
Our eLearning courses are designed to provide options to multiple types of learners in one setting. We provide a virtual class facilitated by an instructor but the materials and exercises can be done at your own pace. So no needing to login at a certain time or completing assignments on a particular day, you can do this from work or home 24/7 within the scheduled dates of your course. The course manual can be downloaded and saved right to your desktop or you have 30 days from the course end date to log back in and review the materials.
The course is scheduled for July 1st through July 7th, 2019 to provide a facilitator for students that may require another method of engagement. The facilitator is there to provide:
  • a syllabus with a schedule of office hours and introduction to the course
  • answer any questions related to the curriculum
  • participate in collaborative group discussions
  • provide a live Q&A session


Tuition: $300

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